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    Thumbs up Matias Tactile Pro.....
    I know there are many, many opinions about the design of Apple products, but as far as I see there is consensus that most Apple product have a nice and sleek appearance. However, for the input devices I personally would prefer it if they would pay a little less attention to appearance and some more on ergonomics. I find the keyboard and Magic Mouse detrimental to my health.. there, I said it!

    So at first I replaced the Magic Mouse with a Logitech Performance MX, and today the Matias Tactile Pro keyboard arrived. It is expensive, but even after a few pages typing in Word the difference with the original Apple keyboard is clear... the Tactile Pro is much better!

    I am not the fastest typist, but my wife sounds like a machine gun with this keyboard. She has a home office, a Chinese/Dutch/English translation bureau, and types tons of text every day. She disliked the original keyboard so much that she shied away from our brand-new iMac, and kept doing her work on the Windows box. Which is a real pity, I think. But I am sure that I can convince her now to do all her work on the iMac, which means that I no longer have to maintain the Windows box as from now it will be there as a backup system only.

    So anyone looking for another (better) keyboard, consider the Tactile Pro!


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    I agree with you about the Tactile Pro. It's the best keyboard for me.

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