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    Photo printer suggestions?
    I'm looking into buying a photo printer, not top of the line but also not one of the cheaper ones. I would be willing to spend $400 CDN ($350 US) if I had to. I want to print some of my best photos at 8x10 (no larger) without having to send my files to a photo lab since I want total control over the final product. But I also want the final product to look like it was developed in a photo lab!

    I'm quite interested in the Epson R800. However, it's a little too pricey and I want a printer with Bluetooth compability so I can send files to the printer remotely. Also, the R800 has been out for nearly 2 years now and I'd prefer a model that's been out for only a short time (i.e. with the latest features/technology).

    Any suggestions about a newer, Bluetooth-compatible, higher quality printer that might satisfy what I'm looking for? Thanks in advance.

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    take a look at the canons....there the best, i'm using the Pixma IP4000 cheap, and they look just like my prints from a lab

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    I have the Canon Pixma IP3000 and it prints photos pretty well
    No bluetooh though, you'll need the IP4000 i believe

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    After running through several brands and price points we have gone 100% Epson. The print quality we get is outstanding and set up was easy.

    The R1800 has to be the best deal going (even though a bit higher than the limit you posted), great color and can print on 13" roll paper for really large stuff (bigger is better, with the detail available and low prices with todays digital camera's going big is a blast)


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