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Thread: VGA or Video adaptor

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    Exclamation VGA or Video adaptor

    I'm getting a Benq pb2250 projector soon and am not sure which adaptor will get me the best results when connecting to my ibook.

    The projector has VGA, composite, s-video and I have the mini VGA to video adaptor but am wondering if the mini vga to VGA will improve the image quality of the projection ?

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    VGA is a lot better than S-video. What are you using now?

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    Quality wise from best to worst....

    (well theres alot more but for these purposes this will work)

    If you get a good VGA signal splitter, you can run your projector and stilll leave your standard monitor hooked up.

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    Hmm, I thought that might be so. Looks like I'll have to get the mini VGA to VGA cable.

    Thanks for the advice.

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