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    Sep 27, 2010
    seagate momentus xt hd
    Anyon have any expoericane with the seagate Momentus HDD 750gb hybrud drives in their macbook/macbook pro. Is there a performance boost? ANy compatibility issues.

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    I have been using one for about a year as a secondary drive with an OWC Drive Doubler, my boot drive is an SSD. I have had no problems but can't really evaluate any performance increase.

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    If the video on the Seagate website is to be believed its almost as fast as a true SSD.
    Reviews on Ebuyer UK website seem to back this up

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    I have a Sandisk SSD and Seagate 500GB hybrid drive in my 2009 MBP. The hybrid drive is almost as fast as the SSD on boot up and opening applications. For most other uses it is simply the fastest 2.5-inch platter-based hard drive I have used.

    The only compatibility issue with the 750MB hybrid drive is if you buy an OWC Data Doubler you will not be able to use the hybrid drive in place of the SuperDrive in the 13-inch MBP. The SATA controller for the SuperDrive is limited to 3GB/s and the 750GB hybrid drive is too fast for that controller. Install it in place of your hard drive and you'll be fine. The 15-inch and 17-inch MBPS will work fine with the 750GB hybrid drive in the secondary bay.
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