Hi guys

First of all thank all you guys for your constant inout. You have helped me on many occasions to figure things out that I had no clue how to do.

With that said I am having a lot of trouble connecting my new ps3 wireless controller to my imac. It's on 10.6.8 and I've tried doing a few things from here and youtube but the controller simply isn't even recognised when I turn on my Bluetooth.

I have downloaded the driver from tattiebogle and downloaded a link to ips3 from here to try and get it to recognise but I'm having no luck thus far. It seems as if most people have a problem in pairing the device but I haven't even gotten that far yet.

Anyone else have the same problem or can suggest what I should be doing? I just can't understand why my imac won't pick it up even when it's connected via usb. I read that Lion has the drivers built in but that on Snow Leopard people are at least picking up the controller.

Many thanks in advance