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    WD hard drive playing up
    Hi all,

    A few weeks back, I dropped my WD hard drive in a puddle and only discovered it about 12 hours later. I put it in the airing cupboard for about 5 days to dry out, and then when I next plugged it into my MacBook, it seemed to be working fine.

    However, every time since that I've plugged it in, my Macbook isn't recognising that it's there. The "WD Smartware" appears in my Devices and I can access the files on that, but there's no sign of "My Passport". It makes all the usually whirring noises when I plug it in, and as I say, it brings up the WD Smartware so it's not as if the device is completely fried. It has however started making a ticking noise when I go into the WD Smartware folder, which it never used to do.

    Has anyone had similar problems? It just seems odd that it worked that one time, and then hasn't worked since. If it hadn't worked the first time then I'd accept that there was too much water damage and it was irretrievable, but having had it work once makes me reluctant to accept that the data has been lost.

    I don't have an Apple store nearby and am wary of going in and having to spend lots of money if there's a simple way to fix this, however there are about 15,000 photos which I really want to get back so I guess I'd do what I have to in order to get it working again.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    It's possible the water shorted out just the interface board in the case on that WD External and the hard drive itself is ok. Only way to find out is get another USB enclosure that will accept that drive and try it.

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    cheers for the quick reply.

    so what does that actually entail me doing? would I have to take the hard drive apart?

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