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    Question iPhone Digitizer Easy or Not

    i want to know if the changing the display and the backcover from a iPhone is easy or not.
    My backcover is broken and donīt wanne pay that mutch and i found that digitizer what is cool looking iPhone Digitizer - Chrome -

    Did already some body use a digitizer ?

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    Depends which iPhone, but they are all a little tricky. But here's the best place to start:

    iPhone Repair - iFixit

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    If you are talking about the iPhone 4, then no. The back cover is easy. It pops off after removing the two screws on the bottom. But the front display requires you to disassemble the entire phone. And when putting the new screen on, you have to thread two very fragile and awkward ribbon cables through a narrow slot. If either of these cables gets damaged in any way, your screen won't work correctly.
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    i got the iPhone 4s. Thank you for the ifixit site.

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