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    Lightbulb Duplicate an External HD
    Hi. This is my first thread in the forum.

    I use an iMac (HD 1TB) with an external HD Western Digital 2TB thru Firewire 800.
    Since it has became small for video storage, I got a 4TB WE HD Firewire 800 too. My iMac doesn't have thunderbolt.

    How can I copy one to another safely if the iMac has only one Firewire Hub???

    Shall I connect one via Firewire and the other via USB? In that case which HD should use the firewire and which the USB? Is there any software to make a better safer backup??


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    You could connect one through firewire and one through usb but the copy would only go at usb speed. I'm not familiar with those drives but check to see if either of the drives has two firewire ports on the back. If so, they can be daisy chained together. Connect one drive to the computer then connect the second drive to the first.

    Edit: As far as software to copy the drives that can be done from the Finder by dragging files from one drive to the other. You could also use other programs such as Disk Utility's restore function, SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Clone.
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