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Thread: Reading an old SCSI HD on a PC

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    Reading an old SCSI HD on a PC
    Sorry if this is the wrong section, but I need some advice.
    I have an old SCSI 2GB IBM drive from an old mac. I had it in the drawer for years but I decided I wanted the photos which I had on there.

    I bought an PCI SCSI card for my PC and connected the drive. Windows found it but obviously couldn't read it.
    I first used MacDrive but that stated the drive had errors and needed repairing. When I run the repair, it always gets stuck on "Checking Catalog file".
    To I tried R-Studio recovery. This time it found all the files and the directory structure. However, when I recover the data, all the images it cant find. Stating "system cannot find the specified file" in the log window. It recovers some images, but no where near all of them.

    Is there any solution to my problem? All I want is to recover the pictures.

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    That drive will be using the old Hierarchical File System (HFS) mac file format

    In order to properly access the drive you are better off buying an old os8 or 9 mac with internal SCSI and trying to access or repair it that way

    A model with internal SCSI would be ideal like this model
    Apple M3979 Power Macintosh 7300/180 PowerPC Desktop Vintage Computer System | eBay

    Many of the models from that era has internal SCSI, so look here for types

    Apple System Specs & Mac Clone Specs - By Processor @

    Under section PowerPC-Based Macs & Mac Clones
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