I have been a proud owner of a Macbook Pro since the summer of '09.

For 2 years I have used:
Iomega® MiniMax Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0/FireWire® 800 1TB
to backup my computer as its main storage device.

Today I made a genius bar appt. due to my mac needing a cleanup. Before I went in I planned on backing up my computer so nothing would be lost if **** broke loose for some reason. I plugged my mac into the iomega and the icon that pops up on my desktop didn't show up. Tried unplugging/turning on and off/etc. and nothing worked. Decided to take the iomega with me so we could fiddle with it at my appt.

Get to the Apple store. Plug the iomega in, went to disc utility and ran a repair/check on the iomega. Long story short, the test took over an hour (it didn't even finish) so the Apple employee quit the check and used some $100 app to see if there were any issues it could find (this app would do a deeper diagnostic test than the disk utility on the iomega alone).

I learned that:
The partition on my iomega is broken.
It is unable to mount.
Hard drive in iomega is mechanically failing.
Unable to rebuild directory.
Suggest data recovery.

The Apple store did not wipe the iomega or do anything to it that would alter what is on it, etc.

I can't afford to pay $500 for a data recovery place to get my info off the iomega and onto another one (Im also going to have to buy another backup device for the future since this one has gone to **** that is going to be another $200 or so expense).

My Mac savy uncle told me that the hard drive might not be as dead as the Genius Bar guy told me, but Im still discouraged.

Basically I need to get all of my files off of the iomega onto another hard drive. This can't be done however because the hardware inside the iomega appears to be toast, as well as it not being able to take info off my Macbook to store.

The iomega website is telling me that my product is not under warranty (awesome!). See attached link...

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

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