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    OWC Mercury Electra 480GB VS OCZ VERTEX 4 512GB
    Hi Experts,

    I am planing to upgrade my MBP (April 2011) version with one of the SSDs above, I have heard a lot about OWC brand and I also got 16gb of RAM from them. But this time I want to purchase a SSD for my machine. I have done some research and the above are 2 SSDs that I am thinking of.

    This is my current configuration of my MBP

    core i7 2.3Ghz
    16GB RAM
    500GB Seagate Momentus (in DVD tray)
    120GB SSD Corsair Force GT

    I want to get rid of Momentus HDD and place my Corsair to the DVD tray, new SSD coming will be in HDD original slot.

    If there any of you have XP about this, please advise me. Thank you


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    any opinion? Thanks


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    Quote Originally Posted by stevegate View Post
    112 of them are likely search spiders. Page views are not useful as a gauge of thread interest.

    Personally, I'd skip OCZ altogether as their firmware seems flakey. I've read far too many horror stories in terms of their reliability.
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