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    How do i make my read-only WD Passport drive to read and write drive??
    Hi guys,

    I am facing an issue with my WD Passport 1TB drive which works with a power connecter/cable. I have a Macbook. Since a year it was perfectly working alright and was in a perfect 'read and write' mode.

    But today when I was copying data (around 30GB of music and movies) from my macbook to WD Passport, i accidentally tripped over the power connector, it stopped copying and showed a Data Error. After this when i plugged the drive back again and switched it on, it wont allow me to copy anything on there drive. Instead I can now only copy form the Passport Drive to my Macbook and that was totally weird. As a couple of min back it was copying successfully.

    When I checked 'Sharing and Permissions' from 'Get Info', there too it was now showing me You can read only instead of 'You can read and write'. The file system on WD Passport is NTFS, but then how it used to copy from macbook on WD before having the same file system or am I missing something here.

    If I plug in the WD into a Windows computer, the permissions (read and write) are fine, so it's my Macbook.

    Please help me out here in resolving this issue and how should i revert back the read-only permission to 'read and write'.

    I will highly appreciate it.

    Thanking in advance.

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    If the drive is formatted as NTFS it's read only from a Mac. The only way you could ever read and write to that drive from your Mac is if you had third party software installed to allow that capability. Or, if you were using Snow Leopard and turned on the R/W to NTFS ability built into Snow Leopard but which is turned off by default.

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    ahan.... very weird, ok...thanks for the info, maybe it turned out to be as you have said.... what is the solution to it then? How do I convert it back to R/W?? or any suggestion regarding the use of a good third party software??

    How about Macfuse?

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    I'd go with Paragon NTFS, it's the most stable, reliable solution I've found for NTFS handling.

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