Here is an idea,
The razer freaking naga mice have a known hardware issue and after some months of usage they start firing freaking double clicks instead of normal ones. There is a physical solution to this using contact cleaner, but it seems it only lasts a month or so.

I dont know why it seems so freaking obvious to me, but freaking razer could add a simple setting, allowing to set the minimum distance between 2 clicks before its considered a legit double click. That is because the clicks fire only within a few ms of each other and should be rather easy to distinguish them from normal double clicks that may go up to a second.

And now the question, could we use automator to intercept every single click? Assuming we can maybe can cancel the second click if its within lets say 100ms of the first, and save the freaking 70 euro we payed.

My freaking apologies for the freaking, but I am freaking out here!