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    I use Airport Express A1084 at home for WiFi connection to my iMac and iPhone/iPad. I have connection issue for sometimes now.

    I loose connection (the WiFi icon gets half black) and I often reset the device. The reset I normally do is one or two of the followings; unplug the Airport Express, remove the Ethernet cable, unplug the modem.

    I subscribe the internet from a local cable TV company and my speed is 10Mbps (D) and 2Mbps (U). The current connection is;

    Cable modem - phone modem (Globalynx) - Airport Express

    I subscribe a long distance phone company called 011 Communication and the device (Globalynx) is provided by this company. Basically, I terminated a local phone company and this device enables me to use my phone without contracting the local carrier. It is not a magic jack. (see attached pic for the connection setup)

    I also live in an apartment complex and within the preference page, I can see many wireless users in a same building.

    I bought the Airport Express in 2006. I contacted the ISP technical service many times and there has been no issues with their connection. They have been blaming on the Airport Express.

    I am so frustrated I loose the connection often. The occasion when I loose the connection is;

    1) I leave computer on over night to burn DVD (ex. DL disc, to create a DVD disc).
    2) I leave computer on several hours to convert wmv format to mp4 (using a video converter software).
    3) simply turn iMac off at night, turn it on the following morning and no connection

    Correct me if I am wrong but when the apartment building is full of residents, it seems the connection gets lost. In fact, over the past memorial day weekend, there were almost no residents in my apartment besides me and my connection was not interrupted at all. Once the holiday was over and I saw many people coming back to the building, I did have two connection losses in this week.

    Do I need to upgrade the Airport Express to the newer one or the newest Airport Extreme?
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