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Thread: Hard Drive nearly Full

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    Question Hard Drive nearly Full
    I have a 500Gb Hardrive, what i do not understand is that I have 109.97Gb Audio, 93.49 Movies, 24.82Gb Photos, 16.72Gb Apps and 177.48 of Other.
    What on earth is Other.
    I do not store many documents so for the life of me i don't know were 177.48 of Other has come from.

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    You might give this a read Lost Harddrive Space? | Mac-Forums Blog. Member Stretch covered most of the likely culprits in that blog post.

    Also, are you using a laptop with Time machine enabled? If so, and you are running Lion, Time Machine stores some of its backups on your hard drive if it can't find your regular Time Machine drive. Lion’s local backup devours disk space

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    Thread moved to more appropriate forum. Clearly not an iPhone hardware posting.'s not necessary to double post (duplicate thread deleted).


    - Nick
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    - Almost full hard drive? Some solutions. Out of Space
    - Apple Battery Info. Battery

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    sorry Nick.
    Did relies that it was the wrong Forum after I

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