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    Will this headset work with my Mac?
    Hey guys, well my Logitech USB headset broke a few days ago, and I was looking on Amazon for a replacement. I came across this and figured it looked pretty good. The only problem is, it's not USB, it uses a 2 pronged connector. I don't really mind this, my main question is will it work with my MacBook? I know it has headphone out, but does the optical audio in port work the same as a Microphone port? Or does it require a "line in" level connection? (which I doubt this headset puts out)

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You'll need a USB /Stereo Adaptor. The green plug is for the phones and the red one is for the mic.
    Not sure about the specs saying that it's PC/Windows only??

    On the Macbook the Audio out port is Headphone out/optical digital audio out/analog line in.

    You can connect external active speakers, headphones (including iPhone), or digital audio equipment. You can specify audio analog line in functionality, which supports audio equipment with line level analog outputs, by selecting Sound Input in the Sound pane of System Preferences.

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    As Pendlewitch says you need one of these (or similar) or choose a dedicated USB headset

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