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    Detached Macbook Screen as second external monitor
    Hi all,

    First post on here so learning the ropes of the forum.

    Here's what I'd like to do: I have a Macbook Air original 2008. Would it be possible to get a a detached Macbook Air screen to use as a second monitor?

    I formerly used an external samsung monitor, but I got tired of lugging the thing around. The quality of the image was ok, but it's almost an improvement in my entire quality of life to look at the glass Macbook screen all day.

    I travel a lot, in places with relatively high rates of theft, so it would be great to have the Macbook and monitor right there together. It's distracting to me to switch back and forth between different types of monitors. (Note, for work, I'm comparing documents line by line all day long, so I'm switching screens every few seconds).

    Has anyone ever heard of this? My ideal set up would two detached screens, aligned vertically side by side, functioning as dual monitors.

    Feel free to point me to businesses that may offer custom solutions.


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    You can do that with an iPad and an app called Air Display, here's a link...Use your iPad as a Monitor - YouTube


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    Thanks Liam, there's a few issues with that:

    The iPad screen doesn't have quite enough real estate.

    The screen dimensions, tone of the screen, etc, end up being a bit different, and it really does my head switching back and forth between them every few seconds.

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