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    External Hard Drive Problems
    (Sorry this is long winded. I don't know what part of this is the problem so I want to give as much info as possible)

    I had an external hard drive that I was using with some older pc's. When switching to mac, I copied the contents of the external to the mac hard drive, reformatted the hard drive to Mac OS Extended - Journaled. I then moved back all of the data to the external drive and deleted it from my mac hard drive (this I am crying about now) The drive was working fine, had it plugged into my airport extreme. Was able to see the data from both a mbp and a regular mac book. Last week I transferred over 100gb of music from a ipod classic to the hard drive via iphone to mac. Worked perfectly. I then started to try to organize the music some. I had to travel so I took the hard drive from the airport and plugged it directly into the mbp. While moving files, it would stop reading. I would have to unplug, then plug back in to see it in finder again. After doing this several times, I decided maybe I should try to move that music to the mac book hard drive, organize then put it back. It continued ot stop reading so I thought it was a problem with the hard drive enclosure case. So I bought a new one. I had almost all of that music data transferred to the macbook I then got an error that said the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. Initialize, Ignore, Eject. I can now see the drive in disk utility but not finder. (I don't exactly remember what I did when I got this. I wasn't writing down error messages because I didn't know how big of a problem I had)
    In finder it shows as the size of the drive and then the indented line says backup (which I had named it when it was connected to the airport) but its greyed out. If I try to mount it it says it can't be mounted run first aid. Repair disk shows no problems. So I'm lost. I have drive genious 3 so I try to duplicate the drive. 3+ hours later I have something on my desktop that says backup.dmg. Opening that with disk image mounter says that it can't be opened because there are no mountable file systems.
    Next attempt is to use Disk Utility to restore the backup.dmg to a brand new 1tb western digital my passport for mac. A few hours after working, it tells me that there is an error. ( I didn't write down what it said, stupid I know)
    Next I try to use Drive Genious to do a duplicate directly from the old hard drive to the new one. 5+ hours later I get to 100% 243 GB duplicated and I get this error: Mount Error- Mount attempt failed for "My Passport for Mac" Please Verify the filesystem, it may need to be repaired (disk1s10, Operation not permitted 0xC001)

    Please help if you can. I have so many important pictures on this drive. I thought backing them up to an external drive was smart. I have since learned the error of my ways so no need remind me how I really need back ups of back ups.

    I'm using a Macbook Pro OSX 10.7.3, 2.7GHz Intel Core i7

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    I suspect at least one of those hard drives is going bad.
    I suggest using Disk Utility or better yet Disk Warrior to repair everything (including the .dmg). I know nothing about Drive Genius - sorry.
    You may need to swap ext drive cases - buy a new cheap one - as possible fix too.

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