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    Epson Workforce 840 also Showing OFFLINE with IMAC
    I have an Epson Workforce 840 which is now showing OFFLINE with my imac. It was working a few days ago so this is a new event. My fear and likely probability is that this occurred after some update loaded. My problem is that I migrated from PC and so my mac knowledge is limited in terms of how to fix these things. I have gone through the basics. Turned off the printer, turned off the imac, unplugged the printer, etc. I have read enough of these forums on this issue to know that reloading the drivers won't work. Epson seems to be largely no help and it seems that many people are having this issue. If any of you mac-geeks know a solution to this problem or who to report it to (at APPLE??) it would be greatly appreciated. Working without my printer doesn't really make me productive if you know what I mean. I just want a fix.

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    Which updates have you installed lately? For example: Updating OS X from Snow Leopard to Lion may require new drivers for the Epson. Also, if you want help from these forums you'll have to provide us with some info about which Mac (year and model) you have and what version of OS X it's running.

    A method of restoring the printer function you can try is: Completely remove the printer, and then reinstall it including any Epson software and drivers. No guaranty that will work but it's worth a try.

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    Epson Workforce 840 also Showing OFFLINE with IMAC -Addendum
    Sorry about that. I have an imac running snow leopard 10.6. Never updated to Lion. Printer worked fine two days ago and now "offline" (but not offline). Reinstalling does no good. I'm not sure what updates ran last, seems like they are always running between apple and MS OFC for Mac (11). Is there a way to go somewhere and see what updates were last? Can you roll back an update on a mac and if so, how do you keep it from continuing to want to re-install the update? As I said, PC I would have it covered. Macs are new to me. I Also have a mac book (same software version) which I print from (through the imac and network) also showing "Offline" Hope this additional info helps.

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