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Thread: Graphic Tablets - Useful or Headache?

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    Graphic Tablets - Useful or Headache?
    Hey all. I've heard mixed reviews on multiple graphic tablets. I'm a graphic designer, and I do a lot of cartooning. Are graphic tablets useful to those of you who are in similar trades? What about bluetooth models? Any information/advice would be helpful. Thanks!

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    I use a Wacom USB tablet of about A5 size, not sure what but it's a few years old. I'm not a professional designer but I do a fair bit of moderately serious photo manipulation in Photoshop. I find the tablet's excellent. For serious work it beats the heck out of a mouse.

    Why? (a) accuracy and control; (b) user interface, such as touch-sensitivity which can be used to control colour, tool size, etc.

    If your alternative is a mouse, then I can't see how you can do without a tablet. If you have other options - such as a touch screen - then YMMV.

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    Thanks for the advice. I am seriously considering purchasing one. They make a lot of sense, they are just so expensive. If they truly help with accuracy, I feel it would be a great purchase!

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    I've had a wacom tablet for awhile, it's alright, But I actually use a touchscreen for serious work.
    Think they're too expensive??? click HERE
    They're add-ons so you can use your existing monitor... they work really well

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    The site looks pretty bootleg... but I'll look into them as well. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPOW05
    The site looks pretty bootleg... but I'll look into them as well. Thanks!
    hahaha I thought the same when I first saw it, they are in a small little complex as well. But the products are made well and have stood up well for me.

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    Rule of thumb, never judge a book by it's cover.. or website. This is an interesting alternative, so thanks again!

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    The Wacom Graphire4 4x5" tablet is a pretty nice price for what you get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverG5
    The Wacom Graphire4 4x5" tablet is a pretty nice price for what you get.
    i will be buying this one once i get my next paycheck
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    i dont remember

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    In all honesty, the Graphire is a good tablet - but - if you can save up for an Intuos tablet 4x5 or bigger then do it, the extra sensitivity, tilt sensitivity, feel of the pen and the tablet itself is a huge improvement.

    Some pieces done using a Intuos 3 4x5 tablet and Painter IX by myself.


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    Now, is a 4 x 5 adequate? To me, it looks like it would be frustrating to work on. Is that enough space to work on?

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