This is my first post on this website, but I thought it would probably be the best place to get some advice before spending any money.

My question is this:

I need to figure out a good graphics card for an Xserve that is OpenCL compatible (for use with Final Cut Pro X and the new motion)

Its kind of a long story, but I have lost access to the MacPro I was using for making adverts. I am currently using a MacBook Pro laptop (Late 2008 model) which works reasonably with Final Cut Pro 7 but when I start loading up filters or generators in either 7 or X it slows down to a crawl.

I have a spare Xserve (Intel 2 x 2.66 Dual) with 10Gig of ECC RAM and finer channels to an XRaid. I am thinking of using it to do my work on. With the standard ATI card that is on the Riser, it will open Final Cut and will work fine, but really I need an OpenCL CUDA compatible PCI-E card to take some of the strain off the CPU's and just make it run that little smoother.

I don't have a massive budget, but don't think it is probably needed anyway. Anybody got any experience of putting PCI-E's in Xserves also I assume pretty much any NVidia or ATI will work in OSX anyway. Am I correct in my thinking?