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Thread: Macintosh Classic II

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    Macintosh Classic II
    I got a Macintosh classic II today and it won't load the boots up and shows black and white stripes on the screen but that's about it. Is there any way this can be fixed?

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    Hmmmm....Dont sound good. Could be a messed up HD or a bad board. Disconnect the HD and see if the lines are still there. Takes a super long hex screw driver to get the screws out the top handle.

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    The best thing to do is replace the capacitors on the logic board. For a quick fix, you can always try running the board through the dishwasher, which may get it functional again by washing away the goop from the leaked capacitors.

    The hard drive isn't the problem here. It's almost certainly a logic board problem. Classic IIs are notorious for the checkerboard pattern. Again, replacing the caps is your best long-term bet.

    The screwdriver you need is a long-shafted Torx T15. Most Sears stores have these in the Craftsman Professional line. There are four screws; two are in the handle and two are near the ports.
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