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Thread: Printer problems with Snow Leopard

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    Printer problems with Snow Leopard
    My son is having a problem printing. I wonder if it's a software issue. He sent me the following information:

    Mac OS X 10.6.8
    2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 duo
    1 GB Memory

    Printer: HP Photosmart C4280 All-In-One

    I played around with it a little bit. Right now the error message is print cartridge(s) missing or not detected. It seems to think it needs a new color ink cartridge for some reason. So I can drop $20 on a cartridge. Then it will probably want me to print a test page every single time I turn it on, but sometimes just not loading any paper and printing cancel can get around that. Whether the cartridge fixes the problem or not I still won't have any confidence when I turn the thing on that I'll actually be able to print or scan or whatever.
    My Epson 740 was a simple "plug and print" setup. He's had issues since moving and setting up a new ISP. He says that HP tech support isn't very good. What else can I tell him to try?

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    I've had nothing but headaches with HP cartridges with every HP printer that I've owned. One problem that occurs is the cartridge contacts become contaminated (even on fairly new cartridges) or loose. No amount of cleaning seem to work. The only solution is spend $ on a new cartridge.

    Another problem is the printer contacts (cartridge receiver) themselves wear out and will give an indication that no cartridge is installed.

    HP Laser printers are great but I'll never buy another Inkjet or all in one from them. I use Canon or Epson InkJet printers, both of which have given me good service and never a problem with cartridges.

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    Thanks for the tip. I looked at Best Buy yesterday and all they had to offer was a Brother that was also a scanner and fax machine, I think. I don't think you could sew with it. I also searched briefly online, and didn't turn up any simple printers or printer/scanners at a reasonable price. I'm going to have to try other search avenues. I was planning to steer clear of HP, and your experience solidifies that choice. I'm running out of time before my son's birthday!

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