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    mid-2010 Mac Mini OS 10.12.6 Sierra, 2.66 GHz C2D, 8GB RAM, 30 in. Cinema Display ADAM speakers are new. I was going to wait until I had my UPS and plug them in a try them. I wanted to hear them, so I went ahead and plugged them into the wall outlet and they POP every time the AC comes on or I switch ON the light! I have used other/cheaper speakers in the past and they never did that! Will an online UPS eliminate that? What do you recommend that I can do to stop this? As I said, other speakers have never done this.

    These POPS will ruin my new speakers. I know it is not good. I have to solve this problem. Can you help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbreath View Post
    These POPS will ruin my new speakers.
    The pops are no more destructive than strong music. It just sounds bad; making you feel it is harmful.

    A pop is noise. Generally many RFI/EMC/EMI engineers are bald. Itís not an accident. These are some of the more challenging anomalies.

    Generally a pop can come through an inferior power supply. Or is a current passing through the inputs.

    Appreciate this example. A ground loop. A connects to B connects to C. Noise is an electric current. That means a loop must exist. Noise loop might be through A, B, then C. And back to A. The defect that completes that loop might be C. But disconnect A and the noise stops. Many will quickly assume A created the noise.

    One path that can be part of the loop is safety ground (the third prong). You can use a cheater plug (a three to two prong adaptor) to temporary break that loop. But that is only to find parts of the loop path; not an acceptable solution.

    If the power supply is inferior, then a UPS in battery backup mode might also create noise that would pass through the supply. Power the speakers from a UPS with its power cord disconnected from a wall receptacle. Learn how good that speaker's power supply is.

    A pop generated by other appliances should not be heard. However, the solution to eliminating excessive noise is best implemented at the noise generator.

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