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    Oct 18, 2009
    Bluetooth mouse can't be used for both mac users
    Me and my spouse use the same mac as two separate users.
    I recently purchased a Targus Bluetooth Mouse for Mac. I paired it successfully on my user account.
    The problem I have is when my spouse login as the other use, the mouse won't work. The cursor just sort of flicker and won't move. As far as I know it is paired properly in both user settings.
    How do I get the bluetooth mouse to work for both users??

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    I'm not sure you can pair it to both accounts at the same time on the same machine. I may be wrong about that, and if so, perhaps someone else can give you an idea on how to get it working for both accounts.

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    Very strange, after all wireless keyboards and mice or trackpads are almost the default now, and I've never seen this issue.
    Could it be the original setup/pairing was done in an account without Admin privileges?
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    With my Apple BT keyboard, trackpads and mouse each shows up on all accounts (2 admin, 1 guest). Since I did the initial pairing in my admin account it shows with that name in all accounts.

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