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Thread: Caring for your ssd in mac

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    Hey guys!

    Ok, so forgive me because I know you can google this topic and find so much information about it. The problem is there is too much conflicting information out there and I wanted to ask the experts

    So i Just installed a ssd in my macbook pro (samsung)

    What do I need to do to care for it?

    1. I activated trim using a termianl perl script I found

    2. I know not to defrag the drive

    What else is there that I need to do?

    A. Someone said reducing the page-ins... Someone also said upgrading my ram.. are these necessary?

    B. Should I avoid using filevault?

    C. Is it true that these ssd drives will most likely fail after 5 years?

    D. Anything else that I should be doing to keep it running as fast and efficient as it is?

    Thank you all!

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    A. Who knows as you have not supplied details of existing memory. If you have say 2GB memory upgrade for sure.

    B. Yes. Go through the posts here and see the number of times folks cannot remember their password.

    C. Again who knows? Tim,e will tell. Only certainty is that ALL hard drives fail sooner or later. SSD will be no different. In three years has had a Kingston and a G.Skill Falcon fail, and two OWC drives worked well same time so it is a matter of luck.

    D. Download and use Onyx, avoid MacKeeper and similar like the very plague.
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    Quote Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
    see the number of times folks cannot remember their password.
    Ya know, I can't in all good conscience recommend NOT encrypting a disk because people can't pull it off. This is NOT a technical issue, and IMO all data should be encrypted anyway (and I'm really waiting impatiently for hardware based encrypted drives to be the norm in consumer products).
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    Thanks for the responses. I think I might avoid filevault just b.c I believe it writes to the entire disk which they say is bad for an ssd..

    I upgraded my ram to 8gb. What about page-ins/outs anything I should worry about or is all well

    Also lastly, what maintenance using onxy should i be doing - Ive used onxy in the past

    Thanks again!

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