Hey Guys! {a repost from the applications forum - both are related}

So I'm starting school this August and something that I really need is the ability to annotate documents and other "free-hand" functions in my mac. I was at one point considering one of those convertible laptops but I couldn't let go of my MBP . So what options are there for me to do this?

Specifically I need to know what is the best hardware to use (i.e. a tablet or a drawing tablet, or a pen, or anything else)?

Also, what applications would be essential to allow me to do this?

Just for ideas, I was thinking of getting an iPad at one point but thinking about it now - I'm not sure that would even help (I don't think I can attach it to my mac and use it as an input method)?

What do you guys suggest. I don't mind spending a little more because I don't want a low-end, cheap model or application. Ill be using this for many years so I want something quality.

I appreciate any suggestions and tips.