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    MAC Partitions
    Hey guys, first post here.

    I would like to purchase a SSD and use the optidrive to put it in my computer. I want to have Windows and MAC both installed to the SSD, and use the other hard drive (500 GB) for storage. Has anybody done anything like this? I'm wondering about how much space I would need for each OS (I was thinking 88 and 40 for MAC and windows respectively). I was then wondering how well mac reacts to me wanting to store everything else on the other hard drive? Is this possible or would I see the mac side quickly running out of space? Should I get a bigger SSD?

    Any tips would be great!

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Suppose this is on a MacBook of some description? Assuming the drive is 128GB, after formatting it will come in at around 124GB and 40GB is a bare minimum for Windows 7. Why not divide the drive in half when you partition it in Bootcamp? 62/62 would be pretty reasonable.
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