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    May 04, 2012
    How do I back up my 120GB Xbox 360 HDD to my macbook pro?
    I have 3 years worth of video game saves and I want to back them up to my mac book pro computer.
    I have the xbox 360 120GB hdd, an xbox 360 transfer cable, and my macbook pro.
    When I connect my 360 hdd to my macbook pro using the transfer cable my computer won't recognize the hdd.

    Is there anyway for my macbook pro to recognize the 360 hdd so I can back up the saves by copying and pasting to my desktop. I do not wish to format my 360 hdd cause that will delete my saves.

    Help. Thanks.

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    May 04, 2012
    The xbox 360 hdd is formatted using Microsoft's own FATX format. (FATX - Free60)
    So how would my macbook pro read that file format, any programs out there?

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