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Thread: Routers - Thinking of buying a new one?

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    Routers - Thinking of buying a new one?
    Currently have a Billion ADSL+2 Router/modem 7404 series - must be 6 years old.

    Anyway it has served me well, firmware updated - but I think it's holding my internet speed back. Does anyone have any tweaks or inside information for these routers?

    I'm also considering a new router, happy to stay with Billion but would like to know any comments on Billion or other recommendations etc anyone may have?

    Cheers in advance.
    Remember - it saves you forgetting.

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    The Apple Airport Extreme base station is a very good router and comes with dual bands. It sells for $179 here in the US direct from Apple. It's best to buy a router that is compatible with whatever system your ISP is using so keep that in mind when you shop around.

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