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    application looking for time capsule network?.....

    This is my first post on this board. I've been trying to search for a cause of this problem, and haven't had any luck..... i have even posted this problem on another board. I apologize in advance if this problem had been situated in another thread. If that is the case, please just post a link to the thread and this one can be closed.

    Okay, so the other day a few colleagues had purchased a 2tb time capsule. We had no issues setting it up. I put a few software files on the Time capsule, including an install file/ folder for final cut pro. My colleague who was there had his mac book pro with him and was in the network. He grabbed final cut and copied to his desktop. We installed it and everything worked fine. Today however since he is not in the network and we don't plan on having his computer in the network on a regular basis. He tries to open final cut pro and it starts to load, and then an error message saying "cannot locate _____'s timecapsule" pops and it says to check network and all that jazz. So i decided to unistall final cut completely because he has the install file right on his desktop. I figured maybe it would be best to install it outside of our time capsule network. I used an app called final cut remover, that removes every little file final cut installs(so i can have a completely fresh reinstallation). So on the reinstalling of the software everything seemed to go well. And then sure enough we try to launch final cut and we get the same error message about not being able to connect to the network.....

    I'm having a hard time understanding why it is even looking for the network, especially since I just fully removed the app and reinstalled it completely outside of the network. Is it possible, since the file came off of time capsule and on to his desktop there maybe small files or something cached causing the app to look for the network? Or the transfer of the file to his desktop didn't transfer over fully(these are just guesses...)

    I was hoping he could just use final cut freely(outside of our network)?

    sorry if this question has been asked before. i've been searching around and haven't found any issues like this one. I was also kind of curious if this could happen with any application when being transferred from one machine to time capsule and then to another machine. Any help is VERY VERY appreciated! thank you very much! have a great day! I hope this section of the message board is most appropriate for it.

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    I don't have an answer to your problem, however, keep in mind that Final Cut Pro is licensed for one machine only.

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