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Thread: Problems backing up to external drive

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    May 01, 2012
    Problems backing up to external drive
    I am trying to back up my macbook pro (late 2006 model 1,1) using an external hard drive that is 160gb and is completely free to fill up. I booted the system with the boot disc and went into the utility and created a new image. It started writing the image on the drive and stopped. I got a message saying "the file is too large to create an image" .... the file isn't even 90 gb!? I am trying to move all of my files over to my new macbook pro.... what do I do? I know a little bit about computers, but not enough to fix this. Please help!

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    If your external hard drive is formatted with FAT32, the maximum file size is less than 4 GB. Try formatting your external hard drive with the DiskUtility to the Mac OS X Extended format and try again.

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