Hey everyone, I have a question about secondary monitors. Back in Snow Leopard (before apple botched the operating system - although thats not the point lol) I attached a secondary monitor, changed where its placed in relation to my computer (i'm hooked up to a tv, and the tv is always directly above my mbp screen). I set that to be the location of the secondary monitor. Then no matter how many times i would restart computer or unplug the monitor, it would always remember where to place the secondary screen relative to my laptop. Lion doesn't seem to do this. whenever i plug the monitor in to the computer it always places it to the left of my laptop. (also it always defaults back to mirror mode which is super annoying)

Has anybody else seen this, or do you know a fix? If you have any other questions or tests for me to try feel free to let me know because I would love to find a fix for this. Essentially I'm looking for one of two options. the first is preferred but the second will do the job:

1) allow mac to better control secondary monitor placement by remembering settings for monitors
2) changing the default settings so that ANY monitor will be placed above the main display and not in mirror mode.