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    Question File permissions
    I have a bunch of SD cards I have been using for audio and video work that are now full. Problem. I would like to delete the data but can't. (Error code-61). I would clear the cards but I have to bounce some of the audio and convert it right on the card itself (while its inserted in my recorder). So given that there is no space I cannot bounce my recording into the appropriate format to export it into my DAW for further mixing and processing. And given that I need those recordings to proceed I can not re-format or just clear the cards.
    Basically the cards are full and I can't proceed until this is solved.


    Is there any fix for this? How can I change from read only? I tried disk utility but all options are grey-ed out.

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    Why can't you copy the SD card data to your hard drive and convert it that way? Or perhaps I'm not understanding what it is you're trying to do?

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    I can't copy it because the specific data on the card isn't organized in a way that my computer can read it. Basically my recorder has to export the files in a WAV format so I can access them from the card. I can't export them unless there is enough room on the card to accommodate them. Because I cannot delete anything from the card I can't export the files to the card in the proper format. And as I stated I cannot blank the card to reformat it until I get the files I need in the correct format.

    Thanks for any help,

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