Hi Everyone,

My Father-in-law is, or I should say was, a macbook user, and by that I mean that a whiskey and coke was knocked over and the macbook drank the lot. He took it to apple who advised him it was dead, but that the HDD looked dry and fine. So they pulled the HDD for him and told him to get a dock to pull the data. He then gave it to me to deal with and save the data to my PC till he gets his new macbook pro. I have a nice Windows 7 PC and a USB3 Nexstar dock, and I knew enough to download paragon NFS+ for windows.

Now I can see the mac HDD fine and can explore the folders. The issue is the only folder he desperately wants to save I cannot get into as it says "the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" This folder is all the photos from the old guys one and only overseas trip a couple of years ago, thousands of photos. Also it seems to be the only folder effected.

Is there any way I can recover this folder from my windows 7 PC?? Dont mind paying for reasonably priced software.

I have also heard that there is some drama transfering files from mac to PC then back to mac..... Is there a simple work around for this too??

Any help would be much appreciated

Thanks :-)