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    Does anyone have any idea where i can get this in the uk?
    Im looking at this OWC MRF8BDSD12X Mercury Pro 12X Blu-Ray Burner Plug... in stock at OWC to replace my current external disk drive and give me the ability to backup all my videos to bluray to free up space, anyway i cant seem to find it in the UK for sale does anyone know where i could find it?
    If not its just a Pioneer BDR207DBK inside an OWC enclosure so could i buy this drive and any firewire enclosure for disk drives and it would work? Ive done this loads of times with hard drives but never with a disk drive...

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    If you have no luck finding it in the UK, OWC ships world wide. We have members of our forum who live in Australia that have purchased from OWC and seem to be satisfied with the service and price.

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    Nov 15, 2011
    Thanks for the reply, yeah i did speak to a lady on instant chat from the company but it was already a stretch with the price of the product and the shipping costs are crazy, not to mention it will probably come in to the UK and get caught by customers meaning ill have to pay even more on top.
    Maybe i should go for a different model thats available in the UK, basically all i need is a bluray reader/writer, ill keep my other drive as well, it needs to work with my mac preferably by the only remaining firewire port which is the 400 as the 800 is taken up by the other drive which is daisy chained to a few HDs, but i can always get an 800 to 400 cable anyway.
    What the cheapest bluray drive out there?

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    Nov 15, 2011
    I think this is my best option at just over £100

    LINDY eSATA USB & FireWire 400 Drive Enclosure for BD/DVD/CD Drives Aluminium: Computers & Accessories

    Bluray drive
    Pioneer BDR-207DBK 12x BD-RW with DVD±RW DL.. |

    The drive is exactly the same as what OWC ships in there enclosure, what do you think?

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