I've had issues with these speakers pretty much every time I've tried to use them with my MBP. My only consistent success has been with my iPod and iPhone.

Instructions for specifically pairing to a MBP are nonexistent. I have been able to get them to work only once before. However, I have no idea what did the trick. So, I'm still scratching my head over it and getting quite frustrated in the process.

I'll explain...
To initiate Bluetooth operation on the device itself is simple. Press and hold both + and - volume buttons at the same time until the wireless indicator light blinks rapidly, signifying that Bluetooth is now on and ready to connect. Once it does so, then it is ready to initiate pairing procedures on the connecting device. When connected, the indicator light will stop blinking and will remain constantly illuminated.

On the MBP's end, as soon as the devices Bluetooth is turned on, it immediately appears in the list of detected Bluetooth devices. As soon as it appears, I click "Continue" to carry out the setup process.

Once the device is setup, my MBP automatically determines that it's an audio output device. Now, the device appears in the detected device list with a green icon indicating that it's connected. However, no audio will play. After a short time, the icon turns red, indicating that it's not connected.

There's no simple "connect"/"disconnect" feature in the MBP Bluetooth preferences, when looking at detected devices. The closest thing to it is "Update Services" in the menu that appears when clicking the sprocket next to the + and - icons below the device list, while "Show More Info" is checked.

Anyway, I've done everything I can think of and I cannot get the speakers to work. I'm not convinced it has anything to do with the speakers themselves, because they connect flawlessly to my iPod and iPhone.

Anyone else have experience with Logitech audio devices such as this? It's quite frustrating, as I bought both my MBP and these Logitech Z515 speakers for their portability.