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    Macintosh SE FD/HD??
    I know its been 22 years sinse the SE but thought I'd ask anyway.

    I pulled my old SE FD/HD out of the closet. My sister used it for college and sinse it has just been collecting for dust. But it used to work great. So all of a sudden not sure what happened. If it was never taken apart how could it die. Not electronics savy. It could die just sitting around doing nothing. Or perhaps I have the wrong power cord. I can't find the white one. So used a black one to test. But no sparks or noise or anything. Not even a light on the hdd. So probably nothing broke. Was already dead probably. Or do I have to have a special apple branded se ac adapter cord. Would be good to see it working again. So is it dead or am I not doing something right.

    Or maybe dead pram battery.


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    I own 2 SE's here. Both work. Do you still have the keyboard and mouse?

    The Power Cord is a standard PC type. When you flip that power switch in back, what happens? Not one sound? Nothing at all?

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    Sorry for the late reply. Had trouble logging in last night. Anyhow sorry no mouse or keyboard. Not sure where they went. Probably threw them away. But at my local good will store got a used apple II adb mouse for 2 bucks. Sweet deal. But then realized it doesn't even turn on. No chime or fan or anything. I'll hang on to the mouse as I assume it is still worth it. Old parts are hard to find. Even ebay nothing less than 10 dollars adb wise. So I'll keep it. As for the mac no chime no nothing. Would clipping the pram battery help. It won't keep time but if it boots then its worth it.

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    So no idea then??

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    I tried everything. Turning it upside down. Hitting it. Slapping it nothing. I just plugged it in. And nothing. No sound. Then I jiggled the switch a few times and to my shock it turned on. I was so surprised. But it blinked and won't boot. So Ii turned it off and on again. Now it boots. 13mb used and 13mb available. To bad I have no keybaord. But at least I got an apple II adb mouse at my goodwill store for 2 dollars. Works well for the SE. Was able to navigate windows at least and take pics with my cellphone. So cool. I'll show you some in a few. Reet is my sister by the way.

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    It would be a good idea to install a new battery so it will hold its settings.

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    Battery is fine. Plus I'm not good with soldering.

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