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Thread: Which way to insert a SD/HC card?

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    Which way to insert a SD/HC card?
    I have a 4Gb SD/HC card that I would like to view photos on my newly acquired iMac desktop. I have tried inserting the card both ways, Sandisk label facing me and away from me. Nothing registers in "My Computer" or in Lightroom 3.

    Someone in another forum recommends inserting the card face up with notched corner leading, and I did that. I pushed the card as far as it will go inside the slot until I met with resistance. Nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

    P.S. Card is in "unlocked" position if that is any help.

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    It should be in the label toward you position. Does it show up in Disk Utility?
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    How to insert SD/HC card
    Thanks for your response. I tried Disk Utility and it took me to a window that showed that the card was formatted MS-DOS FAT 32 (culprit for first using this on a laptop running on Windows Vista). So I clicked on Repair Disk and it went through 3 phases, preparing FAT and eventually showing "Volume repair complete. (108 files)"

    Next I checked to see if i could find those files in Desktop or anyplace else (Adobe Lightroom 3), but to no avail. Did I lose those pictures in the card? I understand that when one re-formats, one can lose all data in the re--formatted card.

    All this time the card is inside the computer slot. Should I remove the card and re-boot it?

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    Leaving it in the computer's slot shouldn't affect anything. But if you did reformat it, you have erased previous files.

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