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    cheap ebay auctions sound legit??
    How is it possible these guys are selling powerbook g4's and 23inch cinema display for 1150?

    they have excellent feedback and over 500 and some with 1000 feedback over 99.9% good.

    Dont understand, Please give me a hand..


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    That sounds to good to be true.

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    I asked if the $999 is a refurb and got this...don't do it!

    dear sir
    here is my terms:
    don't worry you will receive my laptop , i am a serious man and i think you are too...
    you will not send the money to me. but in my country Italy.
    i only want to see if you realy have money to buy this laptop and will not be necesary to louse money to send the laptop and you will not buy.
    you will send the money to your name or to your friends by Western Union (you can send online with your credit card) and you will give me the Western Union informations and after i will check on i will send you imediatly the laptop by UPS or FeDex . After you will see the laptop in your hands you will change the receivers informations and you will pu to informations "name and adress"..and i will can pick up the money and all will be ok.
    if you are a serious person we can clouse this good deal.
    please respond asap
    best regards

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    You can report them right? I would do it if ebay gives you that ability.

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    Read about it,

    type westerunion scam,

    those who do that should be shot.


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