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    screen sharing; macbook pro; vista pc & TV
    Our home network consists of a Macbook Pro; a Macbook; a Windows Vista PC; a Windows XP PC; and an external hard drive - connected via Airport Extreme and FIOS modem.

    The Macs see each other, the PCs and the HD. The Vista doesn't seem to see anything. Nothing comes up when I choose "view computers and devices".

    We have the Vista connected to the Home Theater using an HDMI cable. I thought that I could use screen sharing to control the Vista with the Macbook Pro so that we can watch videos that we have saved on the HD - but it's not working out. I figured out how to screen share, but when I use Remote Desktop from the Mac, it logs me off the Vista and I lose the connection with the TV. So, I can access the Vista, but I can't play the video on the TV.

    Any assistance would be appreciated. I've been playing with this for hours and hours and I really should be doing my work!!

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    Try LogMeIn.
    You won't get any sound on the client from the host, but it's a great way to control a remote computer.

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