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Thread: Thunderbolt display experiences

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    Thunderbolt display experiences
    Hi All,

    Am thinking of buying the Thunderbolt display for use with my 2011 MBA. Would like to hear people's experiences with this display. I have the 27 in IMac and love the display but it is my oldest sons computer so thinking of getting just the display for myself. Appreciate your thoughts.

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    You certainly can't go wrong with that display. It's simply fantastic and it should be for what it costs.

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    i also have an MBP from 2011 - i have the display but when i put it on my MB the mouse starts to stuck. i thought to keep it open while working but this still happens. apple care has no idea. wether this is a hardware issue or simply a program conflict but right now i think of giving my display (which is just beautiful) back...
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