Hi Guys,

Been searching around the web and waiting to try and find a solution to the Target display mode nosense with Thunderbolt and came across this;

Blackmagic Intensity extreme
Blackmagic Design: Intensity Models

Now I know its a capture device and for now lets ignore the high price tag but...

I am looking at putting my xbox through this and using the iMac as the monitor (as you could in target display mode of ye olde good times).
In the past I wouldn't even consider it because of the obvious lag that would occur but with such high speeds that TB can handle...

1) Could you use this in full screen mode without lag just as a viewer, even if it is through the BM software?

2) If I started to capture as well would this slow down the viewer if the answer to Q1 is yes?

If this is a straight no chance has anyone found something else that might do it?