Hello All, I am new to Mac-forums but not the Mac. I have a been a user for...well..since b4 Adobe Illustrator 88. I will stress User at this point because I have not gotten too involved in the Tech side. I've always had an IS department or a spouse that could do the set-up or trouble shooting. I have neither now, but I do belong to a MUG and one of them are going to set up my new iMac on Sat. I have a six year old Mac Intel Core Duo now.

The Mac Specialis coming to do the set up suggested that I set up a separate folder with only the files I want to transfer. My question is what is the best way to go about this? I have an external Seagate 2T hard drive which is set to backup every hour with Time Machine.
So I still need to back up all the drivers for my four printers, iPad II, iPod Touch, Apple TV, first generation (soon a third generation), any current documents, my address book, iCal dates, iApps, iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie libraries, bookmarks, and e-mail Smart-and regular- folders?

As you can see I have gathered much over six years. I have until Friday night to do this, however it seems daunting at this point. Does anyone have tips on how to do this quickly and maybe with short cuts or a specific process?

I would greatly appreciate any suggesions and input. I use my iMac for both business and personal so I can't be without a comoputer to say the least.

Thanks you all