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    Macbook Pro with external monitor/keyboard?
    Hello Mac Community,

    I have a question about using an external monitor/keyboard. Basically, I would like to purchase a bigger monitor than using my 15" Macbook Pro screen. The one I had in mind is the Samsung SA250 23"inch, and along with that, I'd like to buy a external keyboard aswell.

    The few questions I have are:
    - Would this be viable? If so , what all would I need to have everything set up and running?
    - Could I use the laptop with the screen closed once started up and being viewed/interacted with the external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
    - Any recommendations?

    Future regards to anyone with helpful information on my topic!


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    The answer to all is yes. See the following Apple KB article for more info and to learn how.... LINK (It's called clamshell mode.)

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    Once you've learned about clamshell mode, and if you have the spare cash for it have a look at "Henge Docks" they are awesome ...LINK

    - Simon

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    Thanks for the helpful replies! The "Henge Docks" looks very interesting! Thank you guys for the links, I appreciate your help.

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