I currently have BBP's Hamptons Hybrid; I like it well enough, but I'd like to start using a more minimalist bag. That is, something that will hold little else but the Macbook (a 13" unibody Al), and its power adapter + extension line. Maybe some small pockets; I have a security lock, and a few small sundry items (screen cleaning cloth, other little things). But that's basically it: I don't want room for books, a tablet computer, or much else.

I do want handles--preferably messenger-type or backpack over the sort than can only be carried in-hand--or I'd basically get a sleeve with an accessory pocket.

I was looking at the Hex Recon but I don't know much about them. I think I might like something a little more weather resistant, though. Good, at least, for dashing through a sudden downpour. I have something like that in my DSLR bag.

Side note: my Macbook has passed three years old, and I'll probably start looking for a replacement sooner or later. I won't be going bigger (my laptops is my secondary computer), maybe an Air. So I definitely don't want something on the larger size--that is, "fits up to 17"..." and uses padding so smaller laptops don't slide around.