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    Macbook Pro does not recognize external monitor
    Hey! I'm running a 15" mac book pro 2.4GHz duo core 4Gigs of RAM, OSX 10.6.8

    I've got an older Dell LCD monitor that I wanted to hook up to my MBP, so I ordered the appropriate Mini display port to VGA cables and adapters but I'm getting nothing out of it at all. I connect the monitor after turning on the MBP and then turn the monitor on after which it goes straight into power save mode. Pressing the detect displays button in the system preferences menu doesn't seem to do much of anything at all and when I check the system Profiler the display connector reads "No display connected" so it doesn't see it at all... Do you think its the Port or the cable that's messed up? Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated. If you need more information from me I am quite willing to oblige! Thank you in advance!

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    Do you have another monitor or TV with VGA in that you can try? That would identify if it's a Mac config or cable issue.

    Conversely do you have a PC that you can connect by PC to the dell monitor to be sure that's working OK.

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