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    Problems with Eye Home connection
    Can anyone help, please?

    I've got an iMac G5 with airport express & a belkin router. I've tried to connect eye home via the router, to no avail.

    Then decided to just connect with a cross-over ethernet cable. No joy.

    I don't get the eyehome connect screen - it goes straight into looking for a connection on 10011 port 8000, which it can't find.

    I've downloaded the eyehome 1.5.2 version because my OS is 10.4.3 (as instructed at Elgato).

    I've turned on media sharing with Eyehome & I don't seem to have a Firewall, but have opened port 8000 anyway (at least I think I have)!!

    I'm new to macs & have no idea what I'm doing with these ports - can't seem to get an answer from Elgato & apple say they can't help, so am desperate after 10 days of fiddling around with this!

    Please help if you can! :biohazard

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    Have got this sorted out now - thanks!

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