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    Mac Mini 2,1 optical drive modification
    I wanted to replace my Mac Mini's optical drive with the OWC Data Doubler expansion slot in order to fit in an additional HDD/SSD. The live chat support at OWC told me that it would not be compatible with my Mini (mid-2007) since their product requires a SATA connector whereas the optical drive in my Mini uses a ATA/IDE connector and would therefore be incompatible.

    They did however recommend this product... 9.5mm IDE Optical Bay Hard Drive Adapter Caddy: Electronics

    Could someone please verify whether this would work on my Mini and while you're at it I'd love to be educated some more on the detailed specs of the optical drive on my Mini. How many pins is the controller, the size, etc.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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    That does look like it would work. Plus if OWC's techs say it works, I'd trust that. They know what they are talking about.
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    That's what I thought too. Any chance it might not fit in to the Mac Mini as the OWC one would?

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