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    Apples power adapters
    Are desktop iMac computers compatible with ATX power supplies like you would find in a PC? I would think so since they ship with Intel hardware since 2006 but just want to be sure.

    For Apple notebooks, iPads, and the various other Apple products, is there a universal adapter that you can get that will fit all these, like an iGo?

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    Do not see why not. For instance the only personal experience have used an ATX PS with a 1.42DP G4 PowerMac. However G4 and G5 powerMacs are the only ones have seen this with:-
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    Does it have the same power voltages? Yes. Is it the same form factor? Nope.

    The LCD iMacs (at least the ones I've looked at), have a completely proprietary power supply. It may be the functional equivalent of a typical ATX PSU, but it's not like you could swap one into it.

    As to your second question - the non-notebook devices all use standard USB chargers. The iPod needs a bit more power than your average USB charger can supply, but for the most part, they all use a USB wall-wort of some kind.

    The MacBook line uses MagSafe-based power adapters - and although there are some knock-offs, it's a patented connector and very much proprietary to Apple. So, there are no universal chargers, aside from this one which requires a hack to an existing MagSafe power adapter.
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    I have a 1350 watt ATX psu that I use for swapping into PCs when troubleshooting them. I got one with a high wattage so I can rule out a bad psu on both high-end machines and average desktop computers. I don't physically install the PSU into the machines, I just plug in the connectors.

    On that note, could I buy a PSU for a recent-model (high-end) Apple desktop computer and use it to power current and older model desktops ?

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